An Apple a Day?

So, my first blog post. I may have to start it with something mildly interesting so I don’t bore anyone to tears (that’s me with the monkey on my shoulder)…

It’s been about a Β month since New Year’s and I have to admit, more than other years in the past I’ve actually kept up a couple of resolutions! One of them is trying to keep on top of being healthy and fit.

So I’ve been going to fitness classes but a more radical challenge has been set before me and I think I’m going to give it a try. Two words… JUICE FAST. Now this isn’t about weight loss or doing some crazy diet, this is about fasting for 10 days (which I know many cultures do) and believe it or not, it’s argued to be healthy for the human body.

Where did this start? My sister mentioned a program she had watched on Netflix called ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead’, I wasn’t particularly interested at the time but I gave it a watch and it looked brilliant! The long and short of it is, for 10 days, you eat (or should I say just drink) only fruit and vegetables which have been grinded down in a juicer (no pulp) for your 3 meals a day.

It sounds awful… I know. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. Apparently, the first three days are the worst but after this your body becomes used to the change and you have enough energy to go about your daily life.

Well… we will see about this I will let you know.

Obviously, this isn’t a sustainable way to live, it’s also advised to check with your doctor if you do it for more 10 days. But I’m keen to see what a real cleanse can do for the body, I will also be documenting it on this very blog. My first day will be Wednesday (1st February) so more updates on this topic then!

Here’s a link for the website with a list of the different types of juice I will be having:

Fat, sick and nearly dead


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