Reasons to cycle if you live in a city.

About a year ago, I pulled my bike out of the garage at home and gave it some ‘TLC’ then lugged it all the way from Brighton to Bristol. I was sick of getting buses, misjudging timings and sitting in traffic for hours on the way to Uni, just to be late by the end of it.

Now, I don’t think I could ever look back. So I’ve thought of a few reasons why cycling (especially round a city) is the best mode of transport, particularly for those students out there:

It’s so cheap! You can spend around £20 on a weekly bus pass, cycling is free. Understandably, you have the start-up cost which is around £50 for a half decent bike, you’ll need a helmet too (£20) and some lights (£5).So the starting cost will amount to the same as a monthly bus pass. No-brainer.

Exercise. If you cycle to Uni/work/school no matter how far it is, you probably won’t have to worry about exercising the rest of the time.If its 15 minutes there, 15 minutes back then you’re sorted for the day! Spend the evening relaxing, not having to worry about trudging down to the gym.

It’s speedy. If you live in a city like Bristol where the traffic is constant and the streets are rammo, you can get to your destination in about half the time it takes on a bus.

Very eco-friendly – everyone loves to help the environment. You’ll remember the good you are doing when you’re stuck behind a bus and it feels like you have inhaled a 20 deck of Mayfair all at once. This problem can be avoided by buying a pollution mask, or just keeping your distance from buses ahead.

You get to see things! Think about it, people spend enough time on their phones already. Imagine just exchanging the extra hour spent on your phone travelling to seeing some sights in the city and embracing that fresh air, go on.

You feel gooooooood. The best way to feel awake in the morning over a coffee is by getting that quick bit of exercise in, you’ll feel more awake and ready to concentrate.

It’s very convenient. Need to pop to the shop? Nip round to a friends? Oh and parking, no problem. Living at Uni, you are super close to your friends but having a bike makes it even easier for you to go and see them. Or if you have a basket at the front of your bike, you can chuck all you groceries in and potter home.

You can pretty much eat what you like, because you’re burning the calories for it. Yay. I’m not suggesting go and eat a 5 pack of Sainsbury’s jam doughnuts once you’ve made it to work, just be less strict with yourself.

The only downside that I can think of? Probably the fact that many people on the road are morons. Both cyclists and drivers. But the only way to build confidence up is to give it a try and maybe stick to quieter roads until you feel more confident.

Need a cracking place to get your bike fixed if you live in Bristol? Get down to Green Wheels


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  1. xoJenny says:

    I live in a city that’s known to use biking as a means of transportation. I agree it really is the most efficient and quickest way to get from place to place. I once read an article about my city and they did a little race between a biker, driver, and subway rider all starting from one location and meeting at the same, and the biker was the one to get there the quickest! Totally makes sense though!

    xo, JJ

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    1. That sounds awesome, I’ll do some research and see where it is! We could definitely do with a race like that in Bristol just to prove cycling is the way forward, definitely efficient and healthy xx

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