Okay, I’m going to show you a picture of someone who is VERY naive and who thought juicing would be easy…


Yep, that’s me. Feeling perfectly normal and happy yesterday morning. With a brown smoothie that tasted vile.

A little recap on yesterday; after I finished my first juice fast blog I began to experience a pretty bad headache which meant all the toxins eg. caffiene and sugars were leaving my body. It was pretty rough and I couldn’t sleep all that well, THEN I really started to question what everyone had been asking, ‘why are you bothering with this?’.

This took me a while to answer… partly because I had no brain power to think of one… I wanted to do it because I’d always been curious of what a proper detox could do for the body, I’d never done one before and after seeing ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead’ I felt like this was a really good challenge. To put it out there, I’m not fat or sick or nearly dead. Just curious! The guy who made the documentary, Joe Cross, said he felt a million times better after the whole experience. He did it for 60 days! He said he felt better, he looked better and he could even think more clearly.

Now, I’m in my third year at university and I’m up to all sorts; work experience, dissertation, hand-ins and I could really do with feeling good, thinking in a positive way and being healthy.

So, if after these 3/4 days (that are meant to be the worst of it) I decide that it still hasn’t worked and I don’t start to feel better, then I’ll remember that I gave it a try. Right now I’m considering shortening the amount of time to 7 days but we will see. As I said, it’s much harder than I anticipated.

A few things that helped today:

  1. I scrapped the recipes that I used yesterday and made my own juices! They were really nice. For breakfast I juiced 2 oranges, a pineapple and a mango and it made enough for two days. For lunch I  had a spinach, kale, apple and banana juice and for dinner I had a tomato juice with lemon and some basil. Luuuurverly.
  2. I went to a martial arts yoga class! My first time, I loved it.
  3. I managed to do more work than I thought I could.
  4. Only 8 days left! Woo!

Thanks guys, feel free to leave a comment.


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  1. John says:

    Hello Jess, nice to meet you! Thanks for following my meager website, appreciate that. your new to blogging or to WordPress it looks like, welcome! WordPress has a fabulous community. John


    1. Nice to meet you too, yes I am new to blogging! Looking forward to reading you future posts. Jess.

      Liked by 1 person

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