When I saw Sampha


I saw on my Spotify today that Sampha had released his new album ‘Process’… and what an amazing album it is. I was lucky enough to see him when he was touring in Bristol and at the time I wrote a review but never published it. So I thought I would share it on here and say, if you ever get the chance to see him live, do it!

With tickets being sold in London the previous evening for £200… a good night was to be guaranteed at Bristol’s Marble factory. Born in Morden, South London and a previous member of the band SBTRKT, Sampha has slowly become a British electrofunk prodigy. Combining his soulful lyrics and club-like beat, his style is one of a kind and it’s no surprise he’s now headlining his own tours.

Not only a part of the band but also the supporting act, the gig began with soulful singer and fashionista Kelsey Lu. With Kelsey and her cello in sight, she warmed up the hearts of the crowd, by playing one of her newest singles ‘Liar’.

The presence of Sampha on stage caused screams from the crowd, however despite his powerful and expressive voice, as an artist he was very demure, almost shy in between songs. He was responsive to his fans, making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

Opening with ‘Timmy’s Prayer’ was a sincere yet effective start to his set. His persona was extremely shy with a booming voice which the audience fell in love with immediately. He then went on to play the iconic song ‘Too Much’ which he produced with hip hop artist Drake, everyone’s phones lit up and the crowd sang along with the well-known lyrics.

The lights then shone to a smoky red colour and Sampha played what I believe to be one of his greatest songs ‘Without’. I’d heard it many times from my speakers but somehow it was ten times better live! An artist with that kind of ability ceases to amaze me.

The night finished on a big high and as Sampha left the stage, the music started up again, but the encore had already happened… then through the speakers belted the ‘F**k you Donald Trump’ song. It continued to play as everyone left. Classic.

Sampha – Without from Jessica Musgrove on Vimeo.


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