*Small throaty cough and taps mic*… Sorry! Missed a day of blogging my juice fast. I was getting bored of mentioning it to people, but I’m still keeping it up.

Here’s some pros and cons so far:


I’m feeling fresh and sleeping really well. I’m doing things that don’t involve alcohol. I’m getting work done and I’m saving money by not going out or spending it on food and drink!


I miss food. A lot. I miss getting  to places on my bike without getting tired too quickly! I also miss having a drink with my friends as they’ve all been going out this weekend. Jealous.

However, saving money and not drinking is definitely a good  thing. I’ve felt so much better, the worst of it is over but the juices are getting slightly boring. One thing that is great to do when juicing…


Going to the cinema. Especially when it’s a film as good as this, it was a roller-coaster of emotions the whole way through n’ all. I was sat there with a juice in one hand and a sparkling water in the other, but it definitely did the job of taking my mind off things!

Something I will say… guilty… I’ve decided to shorten my juice fast to 7 days! I know it’s not as long as I originally wanted but still enough to feel the full effects of fasting, methinks. I do feel like it’s a really positive thing to do, but you have to throw everything you’ve got into it! Certainly not a walk in the park!


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